Asiana offers so much more than a traditional massage. You can go to her on your best or worst day and she will tune into you energetically and give you just the love and care that you need. I walk out of every session completely at peace, feeling balanced, energized and centered. I appreciate that Asiana creates a sacred circle for the session. She allows and encourages you to remain mostly silent so you can go within and heal with her loving assistance. I heartily recommend Asiana for your physical, spiritual and emotional journey.
— Erik

Getting core synchronism bodywork from Asiana feels like floating across a calm ocean-time stops, the world dissappears and tranquility is all that remains. I’ve been seeing her for a decade and I gift my family and friends sessions on her table because I want as many people to experience this work as possible. Her hands are magic. It’s life changing to walk away and feel true shifts throughout all my senses. I swear by booking an hour and a half each time. It’s the only way!
— Whitney

Through my work with Asiana, I’ve learned to feel safe in my body, and respond to my needs with greater self compassion. Asiana creatively weaves a variety of methods into her treatments, including massage, aromatherapy, breath, imagery, Ayurveda, sound, and breath, allowing for a very direct and accessible experience. I leave my sessions with Asiana feeling enlivened, grounded, nourished, and deeply connected with my true self. I would recommend Asiana to any friend or family with the highest trust and confidence.
— Kara

Asiana’s treatments and yoga facilitation are unique to any I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Her skill and technique are top-notch, and her intuition in knowing exactly what the client needs within these practices is above any I’ve encountered. Her grounded presence puts me (the client) immediately at ease which allows for a deep and meaningful treatment every time.
— Marianne

It has been my deepest honor to have met and received bodywork from Asiana. Her touch is healing itself, going to the root of imbalance and skillfully with loving intention moving things towards health and freedom...she goes far beyond the typical massage to a place of core energy where true healing begins...I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!
— Jill

Asiana Harper is a goddess of bodywork.

Her flow is focused and intensely spiritual. Asiana keeps her students in the present moment and takes them on an inner body spiritual journey during every yoga/core/massage session. Being a consistent client and friend for 8 years in Asiana’s life, I can deeply and authentically testify her as the most grounded, fluid, consciously present guide. To me, there is no one that can take me on such a beautiful physical and mental journey during class, in core and massage. With the guidance of Asiana, in yoga, flow and massage, I feel my body unraveling and softening layers deep.
With this, my body has become muscular and healthy.

Because this lovely goddess has this effect on me, my husband and I invited her to be present at our home birth. This, too, was a positive and grounding experience. Asiana was there to guide me through ‘birthing transition’ by focusing deeply on the breath, keeping me present and in the most positive state of mind & body. As a result of Asiana’s presence and spiritual expertise, our birth
was fantastic and the strongest of all my 3 births. Asiana will always be our close friend, yoga guide, massage therapist and spiritual advisor.
— Caroly